Virtual reality Real Development of your child

Unicorn VR World is a unique therapy immersed inside video game world, using virtual reality for children with Special Educational Needs and more!

What is Unicorn VR World?

First of all, it is an idea created by practitioners and people who put the welfare of children first! We gained our experience during previous years of hard work. We started from scratch and managed a school with integrated classes for children with the Autism Spectrum Disorder, we were working therapeutically with different children and were conducting various types of classes and activites.

In our solution Theraply VR, we focus primarily on creating a safe, virtual space for children in which they will feel good and safe. Thanks to this, a child under the supervision of a therapist can develop their personal, school or social competences while playing an unusual, immersive game in the virtual world.


Benefits of our solution - Theraply VR

Innovative therapy for children

Virtual Reality (VR) is the perfect medium for conducting therapy. The child is guaranteed a lot of fun, the therapist gains a new tool to facilitate work, and the parent can follow the child's progress and be part of the therapy - without leaving home.

Virtual friend

In the virtual world, the Child meets his friend and guide - a young unicorn named Niki! He patiently explains all the tasks facing the Child, helps to understand the world created together. By imparting magic power to the child, it teaches them how to behave and what to do.

Safe space

The place where it is carried out has a great impact on the effectiveness of therapy. Children work best in a place they know and where they feel safe. Virtual Reality technology allows us to additionally fully immerse ourselves in a new space.

A convenient tool for therapists and parents

With our solution, we go beyond the therapist's office. Working online, the therapist can supervise the course of the session live without leaving the office, while the parents, on a daily basis, at home, between sessions help to consolidate the developed skills.

For whom?

We have adapted the solution - Theraply VR - for three main target groups

  • Access to your child's progress in the app.
  • Additional sessions to support the child's development at home.
  • Access to any online therapist in the form of remote therapy.
  • The therapist's panel - access to the progress of their pupils.
  • Calendar of upcoming sessions with children.
  • A modern solution that effectively supports the child's development.
  • Teacher's panel - access to the progress of your pupils.
  • Remote education support children with Special Needs.

Do you want to test our solution?

We are finalizing our solution and soon it will be ready for open tests. If you want to be one of the first people to test our product, subscribe to our newsletter!

Mass media about us

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