What is Unicorn VR World?

Innovative therapy for children

Our story began 5 years ago, when we created from scratch a small school for children with autism. Since then, we've worked with different children, using different methods of therapy. As lovers of new technologies, we decided to use them to make therapy more attractive and achieve better results. We decided to create therapy through play - interesting and engaging, giving the child a lot of fun and an unforgettable experience - that's why we decided on Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

Safe space

While working with children, we noticed that one of the problems occurring during therapy is sensory hypersensitivity. Children often want to hide - even run away from the attacking world. We decided to help them in this ...
creating a virtual, safe space - a world in which this child has an impact on the amount and level of stimuli that appear.

Each child creates his own safe room. At the beginning, extremely simple, tailored to your individual needs and what she likes.

  With each session, the room gets richer not only in magical items, mysterious toys, but also in various new challenges, stimuli and knowledge that the child is slowly getting used to.

Virtual friend

The child is not alone in this virtual world! Inside he meets his friend and guide - a young unicorn named Niki! Unicorn patiently explains all tasks and challenges, helps the child understand the world they create, while giving him magical powers, teaches how to behave and what to do.

Innovative tool for a therapist

While the child develops his skills in the virtual world, performs further tasks and exercises, the therapist, teacher or parent can view everything in real time on a tablet or computer,
and if necessary, he/she can help, inspire kid or influence

the order of the performed exercises.

Our successes!

Our CEO's participation as one of 50 young entrepreneurs in the School of Pioneers program organized by the Polish Development Fund (PDF).

The program consisted of three weeks of workshops in Warsaw and a weekly workshop in Berlin.

We got to the finals of the Global Impact Challenge competition as one of 10 start-ups from the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The competition was organized by Digital University and the event took place at the Warsaw branch of Google Campus for Start-ups.

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