Safe space

The use of VR in working with children with SPE enables the child to immerse himself in the virtual, digital world - it allows to create an individual, safe asylum tailored to their preferences to develop their personal and social skills. The creation of this safe space takes place in three dimensions.


First of all, the child, while performing exercises and therapeutic tasks in VR, adjusts and creates the space according to his preferences by selecting the elements available in the application.


Secondly, the virtual world tries to understand and learn the child's preferences, i.e. it adjusts the volume of the elements that emit sounds, adjusts the intensity of colors and lights, and creates a virtual profile of the child's skills, based on which it suggests subsequent exercises and tasks, so that the child can do best and most efficiently developed in an engaging and interesting way.


Thirdly, the entire process is supervised by a qualified therapist who, thanks to his knowledge and experience, can create a personalized individual development plan for a given child.

These new features of our product are very important for children with SEN. Therapy through addictive play in a self-created, personalized room conducted by a virtual friend is a completely new way to help children. This is a new quality of therapy, which, on the one hand, provides the child with many positive experiences and is a form of entertainment for him, and on the other, creates a great therapeutic value.