Innovative therapy for children

When a child moves to virtual reality for a moment, he has the opportunity to isolate himself from the overwhelming world and can immerse himself in a safe, personalized space created for learning and development. Here, each child, at their own individual pace, can discover the magical world, adjust it to their preferences, and then learn new skills in it, having fun at the same time.

Virtual reality enables a new quality of therapy. Thanks to our application, children sometimes even longingly wait for their next session. Therapy through addictive play in a self-created, personalized room, conducted by a virtual friend of the Unicorn Niki, is a completely new quality of helping children.

What is very important in our method is the fact that the child is an active entity that influences the course of therapy, he makes many decisions during each session - showing the therapist when he feels good and when the therapy brings the best results. By playing with the Unicorn, the child is definitely more proactive and involved. By gaining new levels, fulfilling challenges, he builds his own world, adjusting the pace of his work on his own and providing a lot of feedback very important in the course of therapy.