A convenient tool for therapists and parents

The proposed solution is software that allows you to conduct therapeutic sessions both during a live meeting and fully remotely “online”.

The therapist (or parent), through dedicated applications for a tablet or computer, has an overview of what is happening in the world of the Unicorn all the time. The monitoring application includes the possibility of influencing the course of the session, you can choose additional exercises, or simply help the child if he has problems with performing a task.

By using our application, we not only allow you to obtain better results in a shorter time due to the reduction of stimuli difficult for the child and definitely greater involvement of the child in therapy, but also give therapists the opportunity to work remotely, and the possibility of servicing more children. Today, therapists spend a lot of time working before and after a classic session, i.e. preparing and planning the session, monitoring its course, creating documentation necessary in the facility, communication and reports for schools and parents. Thanks to additional functionalities in the application, they will also obtain a tool for easier monitoring of the course of therapy and quick creation of documentation, including e.g. reporting its effects to parents. This will allow them to accept more children and support them in their development.