Virtual friend

Our solution is a combination of: Science and Technology. The results of many studies and accumulated knowledge show the great potential of VR technology in the treatment of children with SPE. We use VR to take the Child to a peaceful and safe virtual world co-created by them.

Inside VR Unicorn Niki, the magic guide, helps kids build a personal, safe virtual space (VR) for learning and development. Each child can here with him:

  • learn the rules of social interaction,
  • practice perception, emotions, relaxation and communication,
  • undertake various engaging challenges and tasks,
  • build self-esteem and self-esteem,
  • and just have fun.

“Thanks to various forms of immersion and multi-sensory contact with virtual reality, and due to the varied possibilities of navigating and co-creating it, the interaction becomes more and more complete, satisfying and engaging for the participant. For therapeutic purposes, two elements of virtual worlds are key - firstly, the participant's interest, motivation and commitment, thanks to which the effectiveness of the interactions may increase, and secondly,
and strictly controlling the conditions desired in the therapy process and adapting them to the progress of treatment.

All this opens up new, attractive possibilities of VR applications in psychological diagnosis and psychotherapy. Virtual worlds facilitate building a therapeutic relationship with participants and cooperation during therapy, allow the patient to clarify emotional conflicts and make them aware of them more easily, facilitate the processing of past traumas, allow for changes and corrective experiences. It seems possible to use virtual reality also in prevention and prophylaxis and teaching a healthy lifestyle, as it creates opportunities for training desired behaviors and extinguishing undesirable behaviors. Experiences experienced in the virtual world may be transferred to the real world during further psychological interventions, properly planned. " (dr B. Gulla 2015)